Meet MTP

{Mel} + {Tim}'s story... They met during college and got married in 2009.  They are the best of friends and a trusted photography duo.  Their work is focused on connections; breaking that awkward camera-shy barrier and producing photos that are sure to please. They understand a love story and this is revealed through their photography.


{Mel and Tim Photography} began in 2009, but their skill and love for the art of photography is by second nature. Each always capturing life's moments both in their early childhood years.


{Mel} learning film photography with her father at the age of 11, then DIY studio sessions with her BFFS, onto being a yearbook editor in high school for two years, falling in love with the camera again with {Mel} + {Tim}'s number one muse (son Elliot), working at a photography studio and finally to {Mel and Tim Photography}. Conditioned to running a business and always an artist that sees beauty in all.


{Tim} has always been an artist whether it was at music, drawing or photography. He is a natural composer. {Tim} sees life like it is...real with a raw and natural edge.